We’re not Superhuman. We’re human, just like you.

A series of intimate portraits capturing those ‘Everyday’ moments and experiences we all share.

DPAC rejects both false narratives which dominate the conversation around disabled people. That we are either pathetic, vulnerable  objects of pity, or brave, inspiration. We reject the idea that disabled people are “superhuman”. The achievements of elite athletes, are used as a stick to beat other disabled people with. “If they can do that, why can’t you?” is a phrase we often hear when the Paralympics comes around. Can every non-disabled person run 100m in ten seconds? Can they jump over 30ft? No. These are the achievements of elite sports-bods, who have prepared and trained for years. Don’t be part of perpetuating these false narratives.

We are all different. But we share the same hopes, fears,  dreams, expectations and aspirations as everyone else. Our days are made up of our jobs, our families, our interests. Just like you.
These images capture disabled people doing the Everyday, mundane activities that we all recognise – work, shopping, drinking tea and enjoying our pets.

We aren’t any different, we aren’t special, we aren’t less.
We are parents, partners, neighbours, friends, work colleagues, sons and daughters.
Our lives aren’t much different than most people’s – except when barriers created by society, institutions and attitudes make our lives more difficult than they need to be.

Big thanks to photographer Elyse Marks for her beautiful work.
And to Paula Peters, Sandy Marks, Sophie Partridge and Penny Pepper for being so Everyday.

Photo Credits: Elyse Marks Photography

See more of this artwork at www.elysemarksphotography.pixieset.com/daiiportraitsaugust2016