Zita Holbourne




Chained but still standing together (1)

Rights Not Games no 1(2)

Rights Not Games no 2 (3)

Still Rising (4)

Zita Holbourne

Zita Holbourne is an award winning visual artist, curator, writer, author, poet and a community and trade union activist. She is the founder of the Roots Culture Identity art exhibition and collective, creating a platform for  the art of predominantly young, black and migrant artists.

Zita was twice a finalist in the South Bank Show arts competition.

Her art has been used for political, community  and trade union campaigns, posters, leaflets, placards , flyers , websites, book covers  and book and journal  illustrations.  She was commissioned to produce a poster for the TUC Stephen Lawrence Appeal and her art has been used for the Palestine Solidarity Campaign joining form.

Zita’s new book of poetry Striving for Equality Freedom and Justice also features her art. She exhibits at a broad range of political ,community and equality focused events.

Austerity has had a devastating impact on disabled people, effectively a breach of human rights. As the co-founder of Black Activists Rising Against Cuts, I am very conscious of the double impact of cuts on black disabled people. I applaud & welcome the opportunity to work with DPAC to expose the fact that we are demonised and treated as second class citizens as a result and to stand up to disability discrimination”.


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