Alice – Work Capability Assessment – Vince Laws


Alice: Work Capability Assessment

Vince Laws

Vince Laws has taken illustrations by John Tenniel, from Lewis Carroll’s Through The Looking-Glass And What Alice Found There, and updated them with 21st century speech bubbles. Here, The Walrus & The Carpenter have led the innocent oysters along the beach, with offers of ‘a pleasant walk, a pleasant talk’, only to sit on a rock and eat the lot.

“We must help you all back into work…” says the Walrus.

“Yes! Fill out this form…” says the Carpenter, offering a Work Capability Assessment form.

“Work Capability Assessments are an outrage. How dare healthy wealthy people devise state sanction torture for people with disabilities. This is harassment at the very least, and has led to much increased suffering, and many early deaths, including hundreds of suicides. The DWP and Iain Duncan Smith have done all they can to hide the numbers of people dying, but one day he and others will be in court facing charges and I intend to do everything I can to help bring that about as soon as possible.”


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