A Very Queer Nazi Faust – Vince Laws

Here’s a section from my soon to be published poetry comic, A Very Queer Nazi Faust, in which Iain Duncan Smith dies on every page….

Thank you Mr Speaker.

I’d like to ask the Prime Minister a question sent to me by Paul.

I’d like to, but Paul is dead. The DWP considered Paul to have such severe mental health problems there was no prospect of Paul being able to work.

Yet Paul was sanctioned, effectively, for not being able to open his own post.

A pile of brown envelopes lay next to Paul’s body and note.

Under this Government, the disabled are labelled the low-hanging-fruit, easy pickings, cut, cut, cut!

This Government knew Paul couldn’t cope, yet people like Paul are dying every day despite report after report after report!

And what are the Right Honourable Members opposite doing about this cruel and criminal sport?

Nothing! Why not?

One can only conclude that the deaths will continue because Death is what this Government wants!

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